BC Adaptive SnowSports Board Member Recruitment

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BC Adaptive SnowSports Board Member Recruitment

Skills & Experience Sought for 2023 Board:

BC Adaptive Snowsports Directors welcomes anyone to apply for the board of directors later this year.  We are looking for persons with a passion for empowerment and sport. As well, to complement our board, we are seeking to include individuals with direct skills and experiences in governance, legal and HR. 

About BCAS: BC Adaptive Snowsports (BCAS) is a provincial sport organization that provides individuals with a physical and / or cognitive difference with the opportunity to experience the joy of snowsports. Please visit our website for more information –  https://bcadaptive.com/ 

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board:

The BCAS Board of Directors is a Governance/ Policy Board. In addition to setting policies and approving the annual budget, the Board sets short- and long-term goals for the organization. Through the placement of the Executive Director, the Board oversees the Organizations plans for programs and services, ensures funding is secured, approves the Organization’s human resources, and monitors communications with external stakeholders.

Responsibilities of the Board Jointly:

  • Represents, and is responsible to, the community
  • Provides leadership by setting goals, objectives, and priorities for the Organization
  • Establishes and oversees the policies of the Organization
  • Follows the Constitution and By-laws which govern the organization and its activities
  • Ensures the Organization has the funds and facilities to operate
  • Ensures the Organization is operating according to the Society Act
  • Informs the community about the Organization and our work
  • Advocates for the needs of our Clubs and Members

Responsibilities of Individual Board Members:

  • Attend all Board meetings in person or by videoconference
  • Participate in some Committee work, as needed
  • Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Review reports and minutes and be prepared to discuss them
  • Actively represent BCAS in the community as ambassadors
  • Commit and be accountable to playing a role in new fundraising activities (e.g. make introductions, open doors, approach new donors, etc)
  • Learn as much as possible about: BCAS, adaptive snowsports, and accessibility advocacy  

Board of Directors’ Liability:

A Board of Directors is the legal entity for a non-profit organization. Board members are legally responsible for the activities of the Board. BCAS maintains a comprehensive insurance policy with a $5 million limit for commercial general liability (including directors) and a $2 million limit for other director liability.