We love Snowsports, so the largest sports component of Ramp it Up is skiing and snowboarding!

Whistler BC

We’ll be spending a full day at Whistler… both on and off the snow!  You’ll have the opportunity to try skiing, sit skiing, snowboarding, or just hang out in the village.  You will have ample opportunity to purchase souvenirs while in Whistler, so make sure you bring some pocket money to spend!

Try-it Sports at the Richmond Oval and BC Place

We love snowsports, but actually, we really do love all sports and we want to give you lots of opportunities to try something new!  So, we will be starting our week off at the Richmond Oval, with some of our friends in sport.  Details to be posted shortly.

BC Place

We’ll be ending our time together at the BC Sports Hall of Fame at BC Place!  This will be a very fun day that will include a planned scavenger hunt.